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Popsiculture is Moving!

It’s official!

I’ve taken the plunge and will be moving Popsiculture to a self-hosted site {}!  Please continue to follow me by signing up for an e-mail subscription {even if you already have one, please use this link to sign up for the new site as subscriptions will not transfer over.}  And if you don’t already have a subscription, what’s wrong with you?!  Now is the perfect time to start one!

I appreciate all of your support over the last two years and I look forward to continuing this beautiful friendship!  So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s get started.  New posts start on Monday, and if the names Ross, Rachel, Monica and Chandler mean anything to you, you won’t want to miss it!

xoxo Angela

Marilyn Coffee

East Valley Moms Blog 2014 Summer Movie Guide

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2014 Summer Movie Guide (via

It’s almost summer and that means one thing here in the East Valley– get out of the heat!  A great way to do that is to head to your local movie theatre.  Summer movie season is an awesome time for some escapism.  We all know some of the films…

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A Rich Full Life in Spite of Pinterest – Guest Post by Rachelle Jamison

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I recently joined Pinterest.

I held off as long as possible, but I eventually caved while searching for recipes, and because I apparently needed another place to waste hours looking through what other people find interesting on the Internet.

I spend the majority of my time clicking around the Food and Drink and Humor sections. Sometimes, when I want to feel terrible about myself, I’ll venture over to DIY and Crafts, Kids, and the Home Décor sections, and while I often find myself awed by the creativity of others, just as often, I’ll close out of the app shaking my head and wondering what the fuck is wrong with people.

There are a few pins I keep seeing that have been bugging me as a newbie on Pinterest:

1.  The Bare Ass Squat:  I’ve had “Get back in shape,” on the top of my goal list since I graduated from high school in 1996. This year I’m finally making real strides toward that goal.  When I don’t feel like working out, I’ll occasionally jump on Pinterest for inspiration.  I know what to expect when I go looking in this category, but there are still a couple of poses/pins that make me furious.  It’s not the picture of a skinny mom of three asking me what my excuse is, it’s the pictures of athletic, fit women, squatting heavy weight in thongs.  It’s the pics of a row of women who do CrossFit on a chin up bar facing away from the camera with no shirts or bras on.  I’ll give some leeway for artistic expression, but when even the strongest/fittest women around are willingly being reduced to their sexuality under the label of Health and Fitness, it irks me.

I want to be in shape, but posing for or actually performing tits out chin ups or bare ass squats will never be my fitness end game.  If it’s yours, more power to you I suppose, but it doesn’t inspire me, it makes me want to call your mom and hand you a pair of pants and a shirt.

Pinterest Squat

Photo Source

2.  Chevron. Everywhere:  It’s funny how when you finally become aware of something, you begin to see it everywhere.  If you buy a new car, suddenly you see that car all over the road when you probably had never noticed it much before.  So it went with me and Chevron.  Until I joined Pinterest, I really hadn’t seen it much and if someone asked me what chevron was, I would have replied, “A gas station.”  I see this pattern everywhere now, AND like C’s on an overpriced purse, I find myself inexplicably drawn to it.  I want to buy the maxi dresses, the baby sheets, the car seat covers, and I want to put this busy pattern on everything.  But I haven’t.  Because it’s a trend, it’s Chevron, it’s a suburban mom pattern and the more I see it on Pinterest, the more I manage to resist it in all its recent manifestations.  Screw you chevron!!!

3.  Nail Art: While I’m still trying to master painting the fingernails on my right hand with my left hand without clumping, there are people out there proficient in something called nail art.  And according to Pinterest, the only acceptable way to photograph your phalange portfolio is fingernails down, daintily holding the bottle of nail polish you used as your base coat.  I wonder at least once a day who decided this was the nail art pose, but it also makes me very sad knowing that I will never be able to paint a care bear on my own fingernails.

4.  Rompers Are Coming Back?  That’s it, that’s the joke.  I’ve never really been known for my fashion sense, but even I know that these didn’t really look great on anyone when they were popular the first time around.  And yet, here they are again—recycled.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

5.  Halloween Costumes in May:  Halloween enthusiast?  Tired of all the overly sexy Halloween costumes every year?  Already looking for this year’s costume?  I found the perfect solution and my costume for October 2014.  Sexy Loofah.

Photo Source Huffington Post

Photo Source Huffington Post

As most of you already know, Pinterest can be simultaneously inspirational and depressing.  It’s a central web location to display and peruse all that you could be but probably never will be in most life areas.

But overall it’s a pretty great app to have for killing time, creative inspiration, finding a new recipe, or some funny ass jokes for your Facebook account.

Happy Pinning.

Rachelle writes a witty, no holds barred, tell is like it is blog.  You can read more about her at A Rich Full Life in Spite of It…   Thank you for guest posting for me Rachelle!  Happy pinning, indeed:)  



Pinned It, Made It – 3rd Edition

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Pinned It Made It

In the 3rd edition of my ongoing series, you’d think I would’ve learned by now to take photos of the food I make from Pinterest.  But, I have not.  So, you’ll have to just trust me.  And maybe click on a link or two if something appeals to you.  That can’t be that hard can it?

Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken from Pip and Ebby – This was super easy to make and it was tasty.  I love lime, so there wasn’t quite enough of the lime taste for me, but overall it was good.  If you’re looking for a quick meal, this is a good one.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders from The NY Melrose Family – This too was super easy.  Jenny uses butter in her sauce, but the butter didn’t add anything for me.  Instead, I would just add the blue cheese dressing with the chicken and the hot sauce and heat all of it together.  A nice, quick meal for the family, or an appy on game day.

Sesame Chicken Stir Fry from Delicious Magazine – I skipped the sunflower oil and just used olive oil, my grocery store didn’t have bean sprouts, so I doubled the shredded cabbage and I hate baby corn, so I skipped that.  A mangetout?  Sounds like a foot disease, so obviously I skipped that as well.  I wish I lived in the UK though, because a mangetout sounds really awesome.  The good thing about stir fry is you can use whatever veggies you like.  The sauce on this one was tasty.  Not sure I would make it again, but it was a good quick meal.

Ramen Noodle Upgrade from Martha Stewart – You hear Martha Stewart and you think “amazing,” right?  Not so fast.  This one was not amazing.  Martha says it’s a snack, but I served it as a meal.  Maybe that was my first problem.  I don’t like spicy food, so I skipped the Sriracha chili sauce, but I don’t know that it would’ve helped.  The peanut butter made the noodles stick together in a big clump and it just didn’t work.  If I were you, I’d find another snack.

Chicken Spaghetti from The Pioneer Woman – I love Ree, she’s become one of my Food Network favorites.  I love how down-to-Earth she is and how she cooks awesome lunches for her hard working hubby and kids.  This chicken spaghetti was delicious!  It wasn’t as quick as I would’ve liked, and it’s got a few processed items I’m not fond of {umm, I’m looking at you cream of mushroom soup} but it was tasty and I would definitely make it again.

Do you use the recipes on Pinterest?  Have you had triumphs and failures?



“Sixteen Candles” Turns 30

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I idolized Samantha so much, I had that Harvey Edwards print in my room, too.  It's now hanging in my laundry room.

I idolized Samantha so much, I had that Harvey Edwards print in my room, too. It’s now hanging in my laundry room.

This week marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the film “Sixteen Candles.”  On May 4th, 1984 I was there for this very “special event” with freshly painted fingernails, wearing a matching shirt with my friend.  Shut up, we were 12.  Matching shirts equaled special event.

To this day, it is still one of my favorite movies, started my love for all things John Hughes, and inspired my undying admiration for Molly Ringwald.  So while we celebrate the fact that 16 candles would now be 46 candles, let’s take a look at what this amazing film taught us.

10 Life Lessons Learned FromSixteen Candles:”

  1. You will never be as cool as Molly Ringwald or Samantha Baker. But you will, at times, be utterly forgettable.
  2. Be eternally grateful that you never had to wear your headgear in public.
  3. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself. It’s bad for your complexion.”
  4. Unrequited love is a part of life. And while you pine for Jake Ryan, Farmer Ted is the one who will relentlessly call you. And call you. And call you. And call you.
  5. You will never meet a China man named Long Duk Dong.
  6. 80’s music is the best.
  7. While Samantha may not know it, she’s the coolest chick at the dance, but she wears white shoes. Don’t ever wear white shoes.
  8. Samantha’s Dad gives really awesome advice. “When you do find the one, don’t let him boss you around. Make sure he knows you wear the pants in the family.”
  9. A wedding may have cost $7,000 in 1984, but it most certainly didn’t in the early 2000’s.
  10. No matter how much you wish, pray for, and hope, Michael Schoeffling will never show up at your house, church or anywhere else you frequent in a red Porsche. But, if you can find him, he just might make you a coffee table.


I Made It Monday – Behind the Scenes of the “Dexter” Parody, “Dogster”

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Today’s post is a bit of a cheat.  I didn’t make it, but my good friend Erin was a part of the making of a short called “Dogster,” a parody of the hit show “Dexter.”  I admit, I wasn’t a “Dexter” fan, too much for a scaredy cat like me!  But “Dogster” is very funny, and its awesome watching your friends create great things which help them inch closer and closer to realizing all of their dreams.  Great job Erin!!  {Erin has a popular Tumblr – Lost Angeles Street Art, you should check it out.}

Greta the dog, resting between takes on "Dogster" Photo Courtesy of Erin Mitchell

Greta the dog, resting between takes on “Dogster”
Photo Courtesy of Erin Mitchell

The finale of “Dexter” may have been almost a year ago but it stuck with me until now.  And not in a good way.  I loved “Dexter” from the very beginning but found the finale trite, anti-climactic and lacking in some good, old fashioned Dexter style killing.  So when my wildly funny actress friend Jill Lover called me up several months ago and pitched me an idea for a “Dexter” parody I was more than excited and willing to help in any way possible.  I wanted to remember the “Dexter” I fell in love with and this was the perfect opportunity!


Behind the scenes on the making of "Dogster" Photo Courtesy of Erin Mitchell

Behind the scenes on the making of “Dogster”
Photo Courtesy of Erin Mitchell

I was ecstatic when Jill made me a producer on her creation. The word producer gets thrown around a lot and most probably have no idea what it means.  In the case of “Dogster,” I wore many hats.  Over our fun, two day shoot I acted as dog wrangler, transportation coordinator, security, craft-service, equipment schlepper and moral support.  Personally, my favorite part of filming was setting up a kill room in Jill’s apartment.

Behind the scenes on the making of "Dogster" Photo Courtesy of Erin Mitchell

Behind the scenes on the making of “Dogster”
Photo Courtesy of Erin Mitchell

Should I be worried none of her neighbors checked on our suspicious behavior?  Making a film is a collaborative effort so it’s important to note that none of this would have been possible without the help of a very talented and passionate crew!  Whether you watched “Dexter” or not, I think you will enjoy the message behind the short.

Thanks for watching Dogster!


Executive Producer, Writer – Jill Lover

Director, DP – Julien Lasseur

Producer – Camilla Grove

Producer – Erin Mitchell

Editor, Production Designer – Jamie Thalman

Editor – David Miess

VFX – Matt Macar

Audio Editor – Alex Wroten

Production Assistant – JT Keller

Color Correction – Institution Post


Astor – Jill Lover

Douchebag – Brooks McBeth

Cody – Mike Kopera

Douchebag Woman – Barbara Blake

Greta the Dog – Greta McBeth

Shirley the Dog – Shirley Chicken Lover


Hollywood Costume Exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum

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Yesterday I was on the East Valley Moms Blog talking about the awesome Hollywood Costume Exhibit currently at the Phoenix Art Museum.  My sister and niece were in town and I went back to the exhibit with them this week.  They loved it!  You can read my post here.

Have a great weekend!

Angela xo


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