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The Mint Green Dream – A Tale in Nail Polish Adventures

The Mint Green Dream – A Tale in Nail Polish Adventures

With “crazy” colored nail polish the trend right now, I’m wondering what colors are age appropriate?  For a forty-year-old mother of a four-year-old, that is.  Growing up, I was a nail biter, but being the girlie-girl that I was, I still loved to paint my nails.  Pink and brown polishes were my favorites in the 80’s.  In the 90’s, while in college, I stopped biting my nails, and for the first time experienced the long, strong nails my younger sister has been blessed with.  She has gorgeous nails, spends time doing her own manicures each week (which she’s so good at, they look professional) and has more OPI nail polish in her bathroom than your local Ulta.

My thin, brittle nails have never been easy to grow, but I somehow did it.  My favorite polishes were reds and, of course, Chanel’s “Vamp” or anything resembling it.  By the end of the 90’s, beginning of the 2000’s, my short, chewed nails were back and eventually, I just stopped painting them.  My toes however, are a different story.   I have always painted my toe nails and ever since the invention of “Vamp,” have favored a dark purple until it was no longer dark enough and I went to full on black for many, many years.  The only brand that even sold black nail polish was Wet ‘N Wild.  I’m not complaining; it was ninety-nine cents a bottle.  Can’t beat that.

Once I hit my mid-30’s and had my daughter, I decided it was time to retire the black nail polish.  I was a mom and painting my toes black just seemed so adolescent.  I chose to do this right in time for black nail polish’s comeback.  I was convinced it was a passing fad that wasn’t going to be around for too long.  Here we are five years later, and black nail polish isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Every once in a while, I treat myself to a manicure and I always choose OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark.”  I love it!

I don’t feel too young wearing it and I love the way it makes my hands look.  My short, chewed nails actually look, well, manicured.  Once my daughter turned four, I decided she was old enough to get her nails painted as well.  I tend to be a little old-fashioned when it comes to my daughter and I try to hide things like nail polish from her as long as possible.  And if it were up to my husband, she wouldn’t have any of it until she was a grown up living on her own.

Hitting the Sally Hansen quick drying polish display at CVS, my Ella promptly chose a pearly, iridescent purple and a lovely lilac color.  Okay, fine.  But could I use them, too?  Around Christmas when OPI released their Muppets collection, she longed for the Kermit color.  Not quick drying, but I knew she would enjoy it.  So I looked, and looked, and looked for Kermit polish to no avail.  Back to CVS and the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish where I picked up a green color that could easily be a Kermit color, and while there I purchased a mint green color for myself.  Did you read my previous post about my parents trying to trick us with the cheaper priced item from the one we actually wanted?  Apparently this is in my genetic make-up.  I just explained that maybe Santa thought she would enjoy this one better.  She wasn’t fooled for a minute and still asked for the Kermit polish.

Ella’s Nail Polish Collection

Once we painted her toes with the green polish, I cringed.  Was it too old for her?  Did she look like a four-and-a-half-year-old trying to be a fourteen-year-old?  Would people think I was a bad parent letting my daughter have green nail polish?  Thankfully, the color didn’t last long and we were back to the purple shades.  As for myself, I decided to try the lovely mint green color on my nails.  Chanel has a similar color, “Jade,”so sophisticated women everywhere must be sporting mint green nails, right?  I wasn’t sold.  It just didn’t look right, and I felt like I was a forty-year-old trying to look like a teenager.  I kept it for a couple of days and off it came.  I did paint my fingers my new favorite color, a purplish/grayish/brownish OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!” knock-off, which lasted about five days.  Now I’m back to the clean, dry, brittle look.

The only solution for my minty green purchase was to paint my toenails.  So, I did.  Tonight.  I’m still not sold.  It looks a little alien to me.  As in the original “V” mini-series from 1983.  I’ll keep it for St. Patrick’s Day, but I think I need to give up the mint green dream.

My advice is to not let our daughters grow up too fast.  There is plenty of time for nail polish and all that comes along with it.  Let’s let them be four for as long as they want.  Because sooner than I’d like to think about, she’s probably going to want a tattoo or her naval pierced.  And when that happens, I’m going to kick myself for painting her nails green when she was four.

Oh, and we did end up finding one random bottle of OPI Kermit “Fresh Frog of Bel Air” polish at a local Ulta store on a clearance rack.  The last one in the city, apparently.  The color – a nice green, glittery shade that’s perfect for a four-year-old.

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  1. OPI- I’m Not Really a Waitress & Creative’s Satin Sheets are my favorite reds. Most of the time I opt for the French manicure with a bit of Opalesessence (American tip as my oh so knowlegeable nail guy “Dan-yo” Or “Daniel” I am still not sure after 7 years, tells me.Yeah, just try to describe opalescent…..!!) I tried the Katy Perry crackled look, but again Daniel & I had a communication breakdown & it looked like I had taken a bottle of white-out to my manicure & not too successfully at that. I tried to “explain” that I wanted purple with black crackle over it, but again it was lost in translation. Sometimes, DH looks at my nails & I wave him off & say “Don’t ask.” My favorite green experiment was a beautiful satiny emerald with gold tips. Very festive for Christmas, however my friends thought I had switched allegiance from the Broncos to the Green Bay Packers. I have a problem with nail colors that make you look like your hands have been somewhere they shouldn’t have without the benefit of “how should I say this?” tissue or rubber gloves or something. Oh & then there is the super glittery stuff. I tried going for a military appreciation theme with my toes one 4th of July. That red glitter would not budge- thankfully it was sort of acceptable for both Christmas & Valentine’s and by then it was mostly sanded off! Then I threw all caution to the wind & went with some Beachy Coral/ Flourescent Pink for the summer. It would look great with a tan. White legs w/more than their share of spider veins- ummm, not so much. Thank you for this post! I love nail polish & how pretty it makes you feel. Even on a wintery day, I look down at my summer toes & smile knowing that summer isn’t far away!

  2. Wet N’ Wild, oh how I loved that brand!!! Cheap enough yet cool enough to experiment!!! Nail polish is expensive and I always end up with too much. I’ve tried to cut down on this particular purchase because at one point I felt like a nail polish addict/ hoarder! I bought the mint two years ago after seeing it on some fashion blog and loved how fresh it looked. However, once I painted my nails I like you was really not impressed. I recommend getting a mani/pedi when experimenting with new colors, then you won’t end up with a useless nail polish. Also, I don’t think anyone is too young or old for any nail polish color. Painting my nails was a fun treat as a little girl when I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup. If someone is afraid of the colors for any sort of reason then limit what you let your little girl choose. On a big girl note, like makeup I’ve discovered not all nail polish colors and shades look good on everyone, even if it is the most popular color. This is big mistake with girls and women and it’s important to find what works with your skin tone. The good thing is there are so many shades and varieties these days most popular colors will have a version that works with what looks best on you. Just my two cents! :) I really love this blog, great topics, insights and the writing is very honest and relatable. Keep up the great work!

  3. I love really crazy colors…it’s usually the only splash of color on my entire body :) right now I’m rockin’ a turquoise. and I’ve going through a grey phase. But usually I love any of the neons. Sometimes I even paint my index nail a different color just to be different. And last year I was really into painting these intricate grid patterns ala Mondrian. My mom loves black and has way before the goths were wearing it… trendsetter for sure. Recently got a really dark blue by Dior and it’s divine!


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